How to Tell the Difference Between Laminated Flooring Vs Vinyl

Laminated flooring is something that’s been a hot topic for quite some time. You have all of the advantages and disadvantages to choose one over the other but which type of flooring is better for your home. And can you ever really tell the difference between laminate and vinyl?

Laminated floors offer many benefits. First of all, they are virtually maintenance free. A clean, laminated floor won’t absorb any water. This alone is reason enough to go with laminate over vinyl.

If there is water damage, the repair or restoration can be done without even removing the flooring. This is something that can’t be said about vinyl. With vinyl, if you try to restore a piece, it can cause damage to the wood of the underlying flooring.

Laminate comes in a variety of forms, so you can choose from ones made of wood, tile, marble, ceramic, and more. Laminate is easy to install. It’s the most popular type of flooring and installation of vinyl doesn’t require much skill. But you have to admit, when laminate flooring is compared to vinyl, the former is generally more affordable.

Another advantage of laminated flooring is that you can choose the type of look you want. Because the way the laminate is cut and manufactured will determine how the floor looks when it’s installed, you can choose from wide, and even very expensive designs, to basic, but elegant styles. Laminated flooring allows you to take advantage of design elements that vinyl cannot.

Vinyl has become somewhat of a trend for aesthetics as well as functionality. Vinyl is far easier to install, but it doesn’t offer as many choices. Vinyl is also very hard to keep clean, but the surface and how it is cleaned isn’t as varied as the laminate. This can lead to a greater chance of making the same, ordinary flooring into a unique piece.

Vinyl and laminate both have their advantages and disadvantages. You just need to make sure that you’re aware of what each product offers before you make a final decision. It’s always wise to do your research, check out different types of flooring, read online reviews, and even check out some pictures before making your final decision. Laminated flooring or vinyl floors are a tough question.

If you are tired of coming home to a dirty floor, then consider the advantages of laminated flooring. Not only does it offer a clean, smooth surface, but laminated floors are much easier to clean. Plus, they are cheaper to purchase and install than vinyl. If you need help in your flooring project visit