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How to Bring Back the Beauty of Your Hardwood Floor

There are different ways to bring back the beauty of hardwood flooring. Some are easier than others. One such method is by sanding. You can bring back the luster of the wood floor by sanding. The way that you sand the wood determines how long you will have to wait before you see the difference.

Orlando's best flooring companyHardwood floor refinishing is not an overnight fix. If the scratches and wear on the wood and floor surface are only superficial, you might be able to restore the original finish over the topcoat. If the scratches are deep, the finish will probably need to be removed. If there is no need to remove the original finish, you will need to finish off with a sealer and paint. This is because the sealer is designed to protect the wood from future scratches. If you do decide to apply the new sealer, it should be applied before refinishing. Once you get everything dried, it will protect the wood from moisture for as long as it remains in your home.

Hardwood refinishing is much less time-consuming than it sounds. The first thing you do is sand your floor and apply a protective coat of varnish or a finish to protect the finish. If you think that you may have done something wrong with your floor, consult a professional about any possible damage. Refinishing your hardwood floors can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how well the refinishing is done.

Another way to bring back the shine of your wooden floor is to wax it. You will need to use a professional wax that contains an oil base. While this method is not as simple as sanding, it does not involve sanding either. Instead, you apply the wax in thin layers and buff the floor to remove any excess wax.

When choosing a wax for your high-quality flooring, look for one that contains a petroleum base. You do not want a wax that will leave a greasy residue when you are finished sanding. The best waxes for refinishing hardwood will contain paraffin, mineral oils, or waxes that have at least some water in them. If the wax leaves a greasy residue, you will have to reapply the wax. When you buff.

Although high hardwood floor quality refinishing can take a while, the end result will be worth it. It will make your floor look like it did years ago. It will also provide your home with that extra bit of elegance that you cannot get any other way. If you need to refinish your floor just visit www.charlottehardwoodflooring.net.